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New Project: House for former street kids

Updated: Sep 3, 2022

The dream of owning a house is still a distant dream for many. Having a home is a gateway to develop a private life and establish cultural, economic and social ties to the local community.

All of our project members have difficult backgrounds and have been living in orphanages. Once they reach their adulthood, they keep moving between hostels, PG, and organisations for the poor. They struggle in having proper identity documents, subsidies or health care, as they keep changing their place of residence, but also, they cannot dream on forming their own family, as they do not have a permanent and private space to undertake their life project.

For this reason, Bombay to Barcelona Library Cafe has undertaken the initiative of finding a place which they can call home, and support them in their financial and legal requirements. We helped them to register in Mahda, the Maharashtra Housing and Area Development Authority which provides schemes that give the residents of Maharashtra access to affordable residential property via a lottery system. We are very happy to share that 5 of our members have been allotted with a house, and now, they need financial help to pay the cost in a period of 3 years time.

If you would like to be one of their supporters, kindly fill out this form

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