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Bombay to Barcelona Library Café

Bombay to Barcelona Library Café serves an important social cause. All of the youths you see working behind the counter used to live on the streets, or were orphaned (often both). Today, brought together by the founder Amin Sheikh, who himself grew up on the streets of Bombay, they live and work as family. The proceeds of the Café are used to pay their salaries (all receive equal pay) their housing, medical expenses and to fund their dreams and aspirations. Cupcakes, hot chocolate and cookies are served to street children for free.

Our dishes are created with the essence and sun-filled flavours of India and Spain. Take a look to our delivery menu and just choose the meal that better match your mood today. We will deliver to your home.


our cause

More than a Café

Bombay to Barcelona Library Café is run by a comitted team of young entrepreneurs that were street children in Mumbai. More than a simple café, B2BLC is an open space that also offers cultural activities, exhibitions and serve street children who come asking for food.

Bombay to Barcelona Library Café is the first café in Mumbai that does not ban the entry to anyone due to their social status.

The project Bombay to Barcelona was born in 2016 with the aim of helping girls and boys from the streets at risk of social exclusion, by helping them to learn an employment, supporting their studies and finding them a home.

With constant effort and dedication the cafeteria has already helped more than 15 girls and boys at risk of social exclusion to change their lives and prevent them from succumbing to social exclusion. Some of them are artists eager for a chance. In Bombay to Barcelona Library Café they can show their creations to the clients, from dresses to jewellery and songs.

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